Sunday, December 2, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist: ClaudiasBurningInk

Claudia's new obsessions are wood burning and resin - and she has successfully combined the two in her latest creations: funky purses and frames. Despite having two favorites, she enjoys all mediums. "I'm left handed so I've had trouble finding someone that can teach me pottery, crochet or knitting. I tried glass blowing once, but my glove nearly caught on fire. I don't do art that hurts." She describes her unique style as eclectic. "Its really a combo of differnent styles, depending on the medium and my mood." Right now Etsy is a hobby for Claudia. "I have a M-F 8-5 desk job. I would love to do this full time. I hope when I have kids that I will be able to quit the day job focus on the kids and my art." She strives to get her craft out there and dreams of being discovered by DIY, HGTV, or Martha Stewart some day. "Be sure you read up on Etsy before you set up shop," dshe advises her fellow Etsians. "Be nice and others will be nice to you. Ask questions, there are no stupid questions, or answers."

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