Friday, December 14, 2007

Meets Etsy Artist: Newdaycrochet

Sherryl Day is the prolific knitter behind Newdaycrochet. She began sewing at the tender age of six, using scraps of cloth from her grandmother, and progressed to quilting and embroidery. "I really enjoyed mymother's quilts when I began to sew. In each quilt there was a piece of me and my life." In highschool she moved on to crochet. "It started one morning when a neighbor and myself caught the bus to school. She taught me (to crochet) and I've been at it off and on ever since." When she's not persuing her love of sewing, she's crocheting. "Got to do something to keep the hands and brain active," she jokes. She gives her mother credit for allowing her to persue her creative talents. "Even though she is no longerwith us, she is still alive in the work I do." Although she admits the younger generation may think her craft is somewhat "old school," she brings a modern element to her designs, "doing more than a traditional afghan or doilies."

In fact, Sherryl has her own aversion to doilies. "I remember my Mom had these large doilies all over the house. They were pretty, but I didn't like them. She would wash, starch them - and I had to iron them. I felt likeI was being punished." Needless to say, she doesn't do doilies. Etsy is currently a hobby for Sherryl, and she hopes it never turns into a job. "I love and enjoy what I do. If it ever turns into a job, I'd stop doing (it)." She reccomends fellow artists do what they enjoy, regardless of the outcome. "Don't turn it into a job. Then it becomesa drudgery, a resentment. Keep it FUN, keep it LIGHT, keep it HAPPY." Please visit her Etsy shop:
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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