Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: PianoBenchDesigns

The gifted jewelry artist known by fellow Etsians as PianoBenchDesigns is a legal secretary in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She enjoys being creative and aside from making jewelry also paints and writes. "I'm going back to school to be a counselor/therapist, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. My hope is to put positive energy forth in both my profession and my hobbies." She has a hard time defining her jewelry style "because (she is) always trying new techniques and materials, but (she) strive to make jewelry that is clean, balanced, feminine and also flirtatious." PianoBenchDesigns has been creating jewelry for almost two years. "I often wish that it was my job, but it is a highly enjoyable hobby for me." One of her Etsy goals is to be picked as a featured seller. "Imagine the thrill of seeing yourself on the front page of such a phenomenal site." She's also looking forward to making 100 sales. "I would love to actually break even or make a small profit from selling, so that I can continue to use beautiful materials and keep my hands moving, twisting and stringing lovely things that bring other people joy." Her advice for fellow Etsians is, "Don't give up! There are many, many sellers here, so it can feel as if nobody is looking, much less buying, but that does not mean that people are not appreciating your work. For me, Etsy is just as much about sharing and admiring as it is about making sales." Well said! Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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