Sunday, December 9, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist: Ainsmar

Ainsley Yeager, the young talent behind Ainsmar, is currently a sophomore in college, majoring in art design, "which is basically graphic design and illustration combined." She is only 19, "making (her) a fairly young person to be selling." At the moment she feels that her age and schooling are a disadvantage. "Since I'm in school I have little to no money, I can't afford a bigger place where I have room for crafting and I certainly do not have the following other people do." Her hard work and innovative designs will more than likely pay off in the near future. "I don't know why, but after I hear a really good story I normally want to draw and make stuff," she says of her inspiration. "Normally it isn't even related to the story, but I just get more creative energy after it." She's been developing her unique style her entire life. "When I was younger I liked drawing in the Disney style, then I got tired of that and tried to draw more of a superhero DC kind of style." But that didn't fulfill her inner creativity. "When I was around 14 I started making my own style and I threw in inspiration from a lot of other alternative comic artists. I've played with it for a good five years now and I think that I'm getting my own unique 'flavor'." She admits her craft is continuously evolving, encompasing her drawing and painting skills. Currently she specializes in minicomics, cards, and ACEOs, but hopes to explore the fields of sculpting and block printing. Although she has always been creative, she's only been serious about her craft in the last year. "Right now I'd call it a hobby. I hardly spend enough time on crafting to call this a job, but in the future I hope it will be." Still, she plans to promote herself seriously and make her pressence known. "If you want to make money off of what you love then you have to be a part of the Etsy community. Post in the forums, buy from others and go in the chat room," she advises.

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-Wendy Baylis
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