Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meet Etsy Collage Artist: tcatalano

Besides being an Etsy Artist, Tara Catalano is a "feisty Mom of a crazy two year old and a proud wife." She is "eager to crush the cliché 'starving artist.'" Last January she stumbled upon the movie "The Secret" and it touched her so deeply it changed her life, opening her soul to an artistic path. "It sparked a fuse that has been inside me forever. I always wanted to pursue an artist career, but never had the ingenuity. Now, I am addicted." Her other addictions include chocolate, coffee, Kombucha tea, and sushi.

"It's quite difficult to describe my paintings or style, mostly because it comes from within," she admits. "I call it 'Art from the Inner Spirit' or 'Yoga for the Eyes.'" She is deeply influenced by Buddhism and Eastern philosophies and her spirituality and inner soul transcends each of her ethereal pieces. "My application of the acrylic paint is whimsical, abstract, colorful and full of texture and emotion." She has been blessed with her gift her entire life, but admits can sometimes be a curse. "Even as a kid, I could spend hours drawing, cutting, pasting, sewing, or designing. However, just recently I have overcome my inhibitions and started selling my creations." Her work is not just a job or hobby, but her passion. "Unfortunately, money makes the world go around, so I hope to prosper from my PASSION every day. Also, I have this rebellious side of me because so many people within my inner circle advised me that you can't prosper from art! My mission is to prove them wrong....and decorate the world." When she first joined Etsy her only aspiration was to obtain a treasury and and sell one thing. "When someone would send me positive feedback, I would seriously get tears in my eyes." Her goals later shifted to building a regular clientele and keeping her shop on the cutting edge. "Selling high quality paintings and having perfect customer service are my priorities." She is also relentless when it comes to more exposure. Although she feels as though she is just an Etsy "rookie," she has sound advice to offer. "Artists are a quirky, small network and we should all stick together. Believe in your craft! If you seek advice, feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Also, watch 'The Secret.'" It may unlock your inner path as well.

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