Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist & Painter: gigibutterfly

Canadian painter Gigi Butterfly lives in the closeknit art community of Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia. "It is very artistic here, and it's wonderful to be around so many like minded artisans, which is why I love Etsy so much," she admits. Like me, Gigi finds inspiration in exotic cultures and faiths. "I Love to travel. I go to places that are rich in color and culture, like India, Morocco, (and) Vietnam. There is so much to learn from their cultures - I like to infuse what I learn while traveling into my own life." She finds beauty in everything and always has her camera in hand to capture it, so she can paint it later. "I was painting away, and one day, had a brilliant idea of painting one flower on one giant canvas. Suddenly everyone was comparing me to Georgia O'Keefe." Her contemporary style wasn't always encouraged, though. "I went into the world of business and was miserable. I decided to pack up my life, became a scuba instructor and got a job in Trinidad and Tobago. From there I backpacked in South America for 14 months and when I returned in 1999 I stomped my feet on the ground, like a kid having a tantrum, and advised my family that I was going to be an artist and that was that. And that's what I've been doing ever since." She has successfully turned her art into what she calls a "gratifying and enjoyable job." She strives to be appreciated by fellow artisans. "I want my artwork to bring happiness into peoples lives. Vancouver can be so dreary in the winter, grey and rainy, so to bring a flower painting into a persons home can really brighten it up." She advises her fellow Etsy artists to keep at it. "Don't quit, don't give up. It's not necessarily about the sales. Follow your passion." Please visit her Etsy shop://

-Wendy Baylis

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