Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet Etsy Photographer and Artist: StoopidGerl

She may be known as StoopidGerl to Etsy fans, but the artist behind the name is brilliant! Kim is a 26 years-old from Michigan, who dreams of relocating to fabulous Las Vegas someday. In 2005 she graduated from Wayne State University with a BFA in photography. Recently she began exploring collage work and making resin jewelry. "I am still very passionate about photography and I love shooting colorful things with my Holga camera," she confesses. "Right now my main interest is resin jewelry. I am fascinated with the medium. I love embedding little things inside. I've become quite the sprinkle-whore lately!" Combining both of her passions, she now creates photo pendants with her stunning original artwork and photography.

StoopidGerl describes her style as "very colorful, funky, and fun!" Ever since she could "hold a crayon or swirl paint around with (her) fingers" she's been dabbling in artistic endeavors. Her creativity and raw talent has helped her turn Etsy into a fulltime job. "I love every minute of it too. I work around the clock creating new necklaces and collages, or editing my photos."

"My number one priority right now with Etsy is making sure my customers are happy! I make sure the customer always comes first," she declares. With that in mind, she makes sure orders are well-packed and quickly shipped. Even in the fast-paced holiday rush, with every order she includes a handwritten thank-you note and is almost always online communicating with customers. Needless to say, her excellent service has earned her repeat business.

Stoopidgerl reminds fellow Etsians to avoid the negativity trap. "It is so important to be positive while selling handmade items online. Know that you are 'good enough' and don't ever let slow days bring you down! Keep promoting and offer amazing items and shoppers will find you." Well said! Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

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Thank you for the awesome blog feature! You really truly made my day!

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