Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet Etsy Paper Artist: IWantItNow

The talent behind Etsy shop IWantItNow currently lives on a small island. "Not Gilligan's island, but it does feel that way at times." To pass the time she started selling paper and scrapbook supplies. "The designs (were) simple enough for crafters to do themselves with our kits. People would always ask if they could buy the samples, so Etsy shop to the rescue!" Her shop is a "job as well as a passion. I spend most of the year on the road from one scrapbook or papercraft event to the next. A true paper gypsy." Her Etsy goal is "to make everyone happy! Well, that and to stay busy during the month of December which is our down time." IWantItNow is fairly new to Etsy, but still has sage advice: "In life, you get what you are willing to make happen." Check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

Dharma Designs

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