Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist: DontWorryBeHippie

DontWorryBeHippie is a "creative, earthy soul just looking for a way to share (her) wares with others." She learned how to macrame "way back in the 70's." Today she uses what she learned to create "beautiful, earthy jewelry." Every piece she creates is one of a kind. "If you open your mailbox and find a piece of my jewelry, you know that it's unique." She also enjoys needlepoint. "It's a very satisfying, relaxing hobby. I enjoy stitching a piece of canvas and making it into something pretty." Don't Worry Be Hippie is an expression "of life that embraces nature and peace. When I design a piece of jewelry, it reflects this philosophy of peace and harmony by using earthy stones and pendants and natural elements of clay, bone, horn and glass. I love creating something with the colors of nature in mind." To further reflect the earthiness of her pieces she takes most of her pictures outside. "I began making jewelry using macrame knots that I remembered from my childhood," she recalls. Soon after she into the art shows circuit and selling her work in local shops. "Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing someone walk away from a show wearing something that I made," she confesses. While she enjoys her work in a school library, she persues her other love through Etsy. "I would love to be able to support myself with my hobby," she admits. "Etsy is a wonderful way to connect with crafters all over the world. It's very satisfying to have this format where we can relate to others' joys and successes here on Etsy. Boy when I get a new "heart", it really makes my day. Creating things can be a very solitary experience, but with Etsy it allows you to share your love of creating with others." She advises her fellow Etsians, "Just to keep on doing what you love by creating things for the people out there and not to get discouraged. I just read a forum post where a fellow Etsian was going to quit making jewelry because of the high rate of competition and lack of sales, but I say if jewelry making is what you love, then don't give up!! Tell others about Etsy!!" Please visit her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

Dharma Designs

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