Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist: Erasistible

Ohio artist Madelyn Brazeal is the talent behind Erasistible. She excelled in creative writing and all forms of art. Her home is a creative outlet for her. "I saw one of those people on T.V. paint (their house). It looked easy. I tried it and WOW! I could paint." She started painting furniture and soon after, her own style evolved.

"At first I was scared that no one would like my pieces," she confesses, but her work was selling. "When I sold my first piece, I was so happy. I loved that someone liked my work well enough to give it a place in their home."

Eventually Madelyn purchased an adorable little outfit for a baby shower. "I couldn't find any footware that looked right with it. I got the idea to buy plain white baby shoes and paint something on them. They were such a hit at the shower that other people asked me if I would paint a pair for them. " She approaches her designs without fear. "You mess it up--so what."

"Vintage styles are my first love, but I also try to make my pieces work with current trends." Currently Madelyn works a full time job in retail, but she hopes to make Etsy her career. "My main goal right now for Etsy is to fill my shop with unique, useful, art items that people will want to keep forever. I want them to be the stuff you find in basements and attics 80 years from now."

Her advice to fellow Etsians is simple: "create what you love. Be honest and professional in your transactions. Have FUN!" Check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

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