Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet Etsy Artist: PinUpPixie

Christine is the fun-loving artist behind PinUpPixie. She's been creating ever since she "learned to hold a crayon and not eat glue." She enjoyed art class in school and "used to spend hours as a child looking at (her) dad's old art text books, drawing, and making all kinds of things with scraps from around the house." Her mom was also an inspiration. "She used to always make me the coolest clothes from linens and scrap fabrics, not to mention my super awesome bedroom curtians made from holly hobby bed sheets." She took sewing classes in high school, but "did'nt enjoy it much as the teachers wanted (her) to be very 'by the book.'" She admits she regrets not going to college to further her intrest in art. "I am a 34 year-old mother of 2 kiddo's, married for 4 years." She started selling on Ebay in hopes of making a little extra money, but didn't enjoy auctioning mass produced items. After awhile she decided tocreate her own items. "I knew the sewing basics and started creating OOAK Sets. My handmade childrens clothing did better on Ebay, but the money wasn't there due to high fee's and costs of listing." It wasn't until a year ago that she stumbled upon Etsy. "I went back to work part time and still create things on my off time whenever I can squeeze it in. I had'nt considered opening a shop on etsy until this year when a friend of mine (CJ-Doodlebugbaby) mentioned it again and I thought...why not. Twenty cents to list is a lot better than five bucks to list and my items will fit better into the flow of Etsy without being over run by ipods, Wii's, and mass produced knock off's." She started on Etsy with her Deco headband designs while still selling hats and accessories on Ebay. "It became quite addictive,I made several for friends and a slew of them for me." She received excellent feedback from fellow Etsians, but only one or two sales. "I kept at it, though, and started adding my t-shirt designs mixed with my warped sense of humor along with other things I'd have an itch to do here and there. I love tedious work and tend to be very detailed in what I'm currently working on. If it does'nt speak to me it will never see the light of Etsy."

She strives to have a "rawkin' (Etsy) shop with lots n' lots of sales," but admits she's already happy with the small milestones she's met (sales and hearts). She reccomends fellow Etsy sellers "Pimp (Their) Shop! Don't be afraid to brag on yourself, show your stuff off, and list at least once a day. Relist even when you haven't done anything new, you can relist something currently in your shop." Please visit her Etsy store:

-Wendy Baylis

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