Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: 47bonanza

Ann, the artist behind 47bonanza, enjoys seeing the "passions, feelings and the life experiences of other artists come through in their work." Her unique designs designs are almost autobiographical - each of her pieces has a special memory and story behind it. "I have created charm bracelets in memory of my dogs and filled them with the colors of my dogs and things that remind me of them. Other pieces are reminiscent of a vacation or a photograph that I took." She almost explicitly uses natural stone "because (she) loves nature and natural things."

Ann graduated from college with a BFA degree in graphic design and photography and has been working in her field for twenty years. Jewelry designing is her newest passion. "The physical skills to create jewelry are really not difficult at all," she admits. "The talent lies in choosing how to combine different shapes, colors, textures, materials, metals, sizes, etc. adding the 'passion' to the piece to make it unique and different." She never makes two of the same necklace or bracelet, so her customers always get an original piece of art. Although she has only been selling jewelry on line since January, she loves the fact that with the internet "you can reach the entire world." Her art is her life, but she maintains a day job that pays the bills. "I plan to make jewelry design a full time job. My two year goal on Etsy is 1500 sales." She advises her fellow Etsians "to look inside yourself, realize what you love in life and pursue it with all the energy and passion that you have - you will succeed and be happy. And if you are going to sell anything by just a photo, make it a good one!" Please check out her shop: http://47bonanza.etsy.com/

-Wendy Baylis

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