Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet Etsy Artists: TripleWillowGifts

"Triple Willows are three older women; a mother and two daughters. We each bring a different talent to our e-commerce endeavors. Mother is nearly 90 years old and is a fine seamstress. Peg is an accomplished artist and provides us with a variety of art related items. Snow created the hand beaded glassware and has been very successful with them. Our crafting style wanders off the normal path sometimes but it is always good quality. I think we have an interesting combination of traditional styling and eclecticity. Mother has been sewing in all the varied forms of it for over 80 years. Peg has been drawing and painting since childhood. Snow has been working with beads since early childhood. Collectively, that is about 150 years worth of experience! Wow! We are getting older by the minute! This isn't just a hobby for us. We supplement our incomes with our online stores. But more importantly, we keep busy doing something we enjoy. I would like to really do well with our glassware and linens on Etsy. I know that we are priced out of a daily sale but I think it's realistic to set a beginning goal of 3 sales a week to start off with. My advice to my fellow Etsians and any other online or e-commerce seller is to advertise, advertise, ADVERTISE! There are so many free ads available to take advantage of! Promoting your own stores and tooting your own horn is what gets you noticed and what gets you sales. We do a lot advertising for our website and we do very well there. Now I have to get busy doing the same for our Etsy store!"
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