Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: kriaytions

"I just started making jewelry and scarves a little over a year ago, although I have always seemed to have some sort of craft project going on in my life. I think it was my mom's accessories that started me down this path. One day she was wearing a really pretty and unique bracelet with stones dangling from a chain. I decided right there that I wanted to make one myself-next thing I know I was at a craft store buying beads. I made a few things, and a friend liked them so much she suggested I make them and sell them. I have been finishing up my dissertation this past year and I was in dire need of a creative outlet to relieve some stress... so I think the timing of her comment was perfect. Next thing I know, I'm doing a craft fair and beads have taken over my office space...and maybe I spend too much time creating when I should be working on my dissertation research. I guess my style comes from spending most of my life in Orange County and Los Angeles. I'm a bit of a beach girl who loves the outdoors and plantlife. I like things that are classy and naturally beautiful, like stones, crystal and shell, but I like things to have a little bit of a fun element to them. I often get inspiration for color pallettes from things like a fabric print, a tree with turning leaves, or a flower arrangement. I love combining various shades of similar and complementary colors with different textures in such that you can build outfits around them. I don't wear very many prints, so I add to my wardrobe with my accessories. A friend of mine first introduced me to Etsy. I really wanted to join just so I had a place to send my friends or any other people that complimented me on a piece I was wearing. I would love to eventually make enough money to actually cover my expenses (who wouldn't love a free hobby). As for advice, I think I could still use some myself. I haven't sold too many things from my website, but I have at least gotten other profitable attention from it such as parties/boutiques and custom items for aquaintances. I think the most important thing for fellow Etsians is to have a great main picture; that initial posting seems to be what catches peoples eyes and gets you a fair amount of views. A colored background complemetary to your piece makes it stand out from the other pictures. I like to use props to add interest, and I try to vary the composition of each posting to make my site look more appealing. My biggest tip to improve the quality of your pictures is to take you pictures outside on a sunny day in the shade (I know thats a lot easier in CA than some other places). I don't have a very good camera, so this little tip really helped me. I also think that having a good description with multiple pictures against different backgrounds helps; then people have a better idea of what they are getting. When I look at other peoples websites, its nice to see an item on a person because then you can see how it fits/hangs. If I had someone to model for me, that is one thing I would add to my website."

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