Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet Eco Artist: RecycledIdeas

RecycledIdeas is an artist with a mission. "My passion for primates led me to study them and in doing so, I learned of their precarious position on earth. So many are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed everyday. " She is a "newly minted PhD (in psychology) who conducts interdisciplinary research on primate behavior."

Her passions are primates and paper - and RecycledIdeas has successfully combined the two in her eclectic crafts. "I can't just make one type of thing. I've got to draw, paint, mold, sew, bead, alter, and most of all CREATE. If one thing tied my art together, it would have to be my love for the natural habitat and diverse species we are lucky to share the planet with."

She's been crafting her entire life. "I think I came out of the womb creating. I constructed Lego spaceships, melted crayons to form collages, and put together a 3D pilgrim nativity-like scene when I was 6."

Even with a PhD it was difficult to find a job. "I am either over or under qualified." With bills from a student loan soaring to $300 a month, she had to try something - and decided to follow her heart. Etsy won't be her only source of income, but she plans to persue her craft. "I want to finish my 12 Monkeys series (pastel primate portraits). I have 4 down and 8 to go. If I go into work every morning an hour early, I can use the time before my shift starts to work on a pastel. I also want to see my Monkey of the Month OrnaMonkey Club take off. The OrnaMonkeys are felted monkey face ornaments that are dated on the back and collectible."

RecycledIdeas advises fellow Etsians to "take pride in what you make, strive for quality craftsmanship, and market actively. Find your niche and thrive there. And start a blog :-)" Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

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