Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet Etsy Bath & Body Artist: DvineBody

Janice is the bath & body artist behind Etsy shop DvineBody. She works from home, managing her husband's business and her own web design business. She studied aromatology and has been creating her exotic blends for three years. She developed the idea for D'vine Body when her sister reccomended fragrance oils instead of essential oils. "I resisted very much at first, but realized that most people who are aware of how valuable essentials oils are make them for themselves. Many people just won't pay the higher prices.... so D'vine Body meets the needs of those who want a quality product at an affordable price."

"Just recently I decided to give back to the many amazing crafters I met on the internet by developing an online Craft Mall and Auction. As a web designer I am aware of the start up costs for people who want to have an online store where they can sell their items and also realize that with a store of their own it will take many months before they are recognized in the search engines and may not get the ROI they are expecting. At they can list their beautiful handmade items with No membership fees, No Signup Costs and No Commissions taken out at the end of a sale. I don't know many places you can actually get all those great features. I also have a blog attached to my mall where I feature amazing artisans from around the world ."

She describes her craft as "creating skincare and body products that are blended fresh using only the highest quality ingredients I can find. Every single item that I list in my stores I use for myself and my family and because we have sensitive skin it works out to be a wonderful perk."

Creating her wonderful products isn't just a hobby - or even a job for DvineBody; it's her life. "I've been creating homemade remedies for years with my aromatology and have a website I would say it's my lifestyle. I have been putting alot of time and energy into my Mall but once I have some time I will blend up some new goodies!" She hopes to have 100 sales by her first Etsy anniversary (May, 2008 ). "There are just so many in my category who are wonderful bath and body crafters." She reccomends renewing items daily to get exposure. "If your items sit there chances are you are not going to sell much unless you have an outside following. Also peek into the forums and promote a bit... or at least let yourself be seen, so other members can be exposed to your store.... I've found many wonderful people on the forums."

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-Wendy Baylis

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