Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Meet Jewelry Artist: DesignedByLucinda

The creative talent behind DesignedByLucinda has been "doing jewelry ever since (she) was kicked out of (her) 7th grade 'sketch' class." She immediately started selling long term at a local jewelry store where she learned valuable business skills and was able to hone her craft. Her unique style allows for dressing pieces up or down and she describes it as "classic, trying for elegant, (and) not afraid to get silly." Lucinda has been perfecting her art for 35 years. "Oh my, I feel old," she jokes. I think wise is a much better word for it. Her experience and sage advice has helped many a fellow Etsian improve, myself included.

Lucinda has been lucky enough - and talented enough - to turn her passion into a career. She'd like to go even further and one day sell enough to "enable (her) to hire other people to take photos, promote, ship and leave (her) free to buy beads and create." She advises her fellow Etsians, "Open a REAL shop somewhere, get your own URL and promote YOUR SHOP, YOUR BRAND, YOUR STYLE everywhere...If you have the cajones to list on Etsy, you have the cajones to keep believing in yourself. Keep visualizing being a bigger name than Martha Stewart (without the jail time)."
Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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