Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: KathrynHomanDesigns

Although Kathryn is now an accomplished jewelry artist she started out with a love for drawing. "When my kids were little I did cross stitch and crewel, and later got really busy with the Embroiderers Guild of America when I lived in Dallas," she says. "I made beautiful things with silk and gold thread and French wools." Her path towards jewelry actually came out of the embroidery work. "Once, when I had finished a really outstanding evening purse that took me at least 6 months, someone said, 'That is gorgeous, you should make more and sell them.' Right then I decided to find something that would satisfy my love of color and move along a little quicker," she explains. It started with learning lampwork beads. "(I) wondered how to string them, so I took a few classes in Pasadena in the early 1990’s." Now a Michigan resident, she has retired from teaching elementary school - and has "discovered Etsy." The challenge with Etsy, though, is the capturing the true beauty of her classic pieces in photographs. "It took me awhile to get a camera that...would take clear pictures and now I’m trying to figure out how best to light the jewelry so that the details really show up and the color shows true. It’s fun!" She admits she's found some good tutorials on YouTube. As for her designs, she hasn't given into the temptations to make things that are quick and cheap. "I like to challenge myself with the best semi-precious stones I can find and only use the highest quality silver and gold." Her love of elegant pieces shows up in her beautiful work, which can be worn every day as well as special occasions. "I have lots more to put online and way too many ideas than there is time for me right now," she jokes. "I have made some PMC items, but they’re not in finished jewelry yet. Keep checking back. Some surprising things are on the way," she promises. Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis

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