Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: Peggitha

Las Vegas artist Peg Lozier has had over 12 years of experience in watercolor portraits and has, not surprisingly, won many accolades and awards. Her work can be seen in commercial works such as greeting cards as well as original paintings and prints in her Etsy shop. A member of the Nevada Watercolor Society, she was awarded "Best of Show" honors. She also enjoys painting old furniture, often expressing her whimsical side. "Of all the wonderful things in the world to paint, I love painting faces the best," she says, "people and pets. Capturing the subtle differences that make each face unique provides an irresistible challenge to me." As expert as she is with the details of her subjects, she admits that the backgrounds are often difficult. "I love to paint the everyday moments in life that are simple yet joyful." A lot of her work is on commission and she says "there is no greater reward than seeing the pleasure on their faces when a finished portrait is delivered." A lifelong doodler, she turned her passion into a hobby when she discovered watercolors. "My bread winning career has been as a corporate controller, but a year ago I realized that I was no longer living a life I was proud of," she explains. "Tons of overtime and stress and a dwindling down of creative pursuits to pretty much nothing. So, I took a huge plunge and quit the big job." Now she only does consulting part time and instead focuses on her art as a business. Her next step is learning to use oils - and to expand her horizons from her mainstay portraits. Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis

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kim* said...

great paining... wow

Dharma Designs said...

I'm a sucker for foo dogs. I LOVE this one of Peg's! :-)