Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: Antonella72

Antonella was born and raised in Italy, but has been living in Dublin, Ireland, for the last 11 years. "My husband is Irish and now when I think of home, it comes naturally to think of Ireland as my homeland," she says. "I have a beautiful 8 months old baby girl called Zoe, who's 100% Irish," she jokes. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings: "I love nature's way of mixing colours and shapes." She's also in tune with the latest fashion and jewelry trends, but is often inspired by the beads and pendants she uses. "I like to work with beautiful stones in unusual shapes or colours," she admits. Her jewelry is a reflection of her own style: classy and chic. "I like to create unique pieces that really stands out. If there is something I truly hate is cheap mass produced jewelry." She views handmade pieces as "wearable art." Her love of jewelry started as a child when she used to take her mother's old pieces apart to create new ones. Later on friends and family requested her designs and it grew from there. "Five years ago I decided to finally take a proper jewelry making course and started to create too many pieces for me to keep," she laughs. Many of them ended up in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle (, where she's been selling them successfully four four years. Recently she opened her Etsy shop and hopes her hobby becomes a career one day. Right now she is a full time Information Security Officer. It keeps her busy and she enjoys it immensely, but it's not the creative outlet she needs. She may be new to Etsy, but she has sage advice: invest in a good digital camera. "It really shows how proud you are of your creations." Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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