Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist & Seamstress: robinseggpink

Aside from being an Etsy artist, Angela is a busy Mom to daughter Maya. Although they live in Toronto, Canada, they travelled to the ends of the earth - Jiangxi, China - adopt Maya in 2007. "It was the best thing I've ever done in my life," she gushes. "Sleep... is a thing of the past... but then, that's what coffee is for." The exotic journey had a profound effect on her and she is now drawn to images that reflect serenity such as lotus and cherry blossoms ("even the word 'sakura' is beautiful"). Her home is her "sanctuary," a sea of watery blues and calming neutrals. Before Etsy she worked in the health care industry for 12 years until she finally decided to change her career path to follow her dreams. "I loved the people I worked with and I loved my patients, but each day of those twelve years was 'work' for me," she explains. Her heart may have been in it, but her soul yearned for something. "My 'aha moment' was more like a 'slow nudge,'" she jokes. "It took 10 years for me to take the necessary steps to turn my 'dreams' into my reality. Not a fast process, but for me it was a necessary one, and I have never looked back with regret" She believes we are each born with talents - gifts - that make us unique, although it may take the majority of us awhile to discover what they are. As a child she used to cut up her mother's embroidered pillow-cases (wedding gifts) and make them into camisoles. "I was 7 years old at the time," she says. "Now, at 44 I'm still 'cutting things up' and loving every minute of it." She admits that the idea for her gorgeous lotus pillow came to her as she was nodding off to sleep. "Keeping paper and pen on the nightstand works wonders for me." Please check out her shop: A portion of the net proceeds from her sales on Etsy and her own site ( will be given to two wonderful organizations : The Hospital for Sick Children, and the Ontario Humane Society.
-Wendy Baylis

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