Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet Etsy Collage Artist: IslandSong

Canadian artist Kate Iredale lives on an island with her husband and "a very hairy (but beautiful) Sheltland Sheepdog named Molly." She was fortunate enough to retire early seven years ago and is finally able to take time for herself and "explore (her) long dormant creative yearnings." As her gorgeous collages show, she is definitely making up for lost time. "My creative thirst took a back seat for too many years while my three children were young and growing up," she explains. "Around the time they were leaving home to follow their own dreams, I began working at an Art and Design Institute in Vancouver, Canada. This experience opened my eyes to the excitement of the creative process and the passion with which the students embraced their love of art. When the opportunity came for me to leave work, I began delving into photography and that drifted very naturally and easily into a love of digital art." Her inspiration often comes from words. "My work usually evolves out of something I've read or heard. Words from a conversation, a quote or a song will catch my attention and I write them down in my journal as soon as possible," she explains. "Often I'll see an image in my mind of how the words could be visually expressed and then I start searching for photographs to alter and manipulate until they begin to morph into my mental vision." Her intricate designs are very spiritual, "but not in a religious or dogmatic way, but rather through nature, beauty and through my own personal search for joy and peace." She believes that creating art comes from the heart and reccomends we nurture our inner artist. "That little child who eagerly held up her drawing to the class, only to be told that grass was never, never orange but always green, needs you to believe in her. Encourage rather than critique this inspired creator insider of you. And have fun with the process!" Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs


High Desert Diva said...

Love this collage!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Excellent advice for nurturing the artist inside! Kate does beautiful work, thanks for sharing her art :~)