Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet Etsy Artist: DancingGirlArt

English artist Francesca Burras is "more or less a full-time artisan these days, working from (her) studio - aka the spare bedroom." Nature is her biggest inspiration. "I’m always amazed at the variety and beauty of what I see around me and I take lots of reference photos when I’m out walking my dog. They prove very useful for sparking ideas and often end up as elements in my mixed media pieces." She also has a fascination with myths and folklore from all cultures – "not Victorian, sanitized versions, but the older, darker stories which tap into something primal in our collective psyche and are a hugely rich source of imagery." Like her personality, her style has many facets. "I’ve always admired artists who have a consistent style or theme to their work. They work in one or two media and that’s it. They become instantly recognizable and have a really cohesive look to what they do. However I can’t work like that and after trying to fit myself into that particular mould for some time I finally decided to just acknowledge that I like doing too many different things to be able to settle on one permanently. So I paint, make collages, handmade books, quilts, linotypes, and lately I’ve rediscovered the joy of knitting!" Her mother may have played a part in her awakening her artistic soul. "I was fortunate to have a mother who, although we had very little money, had an infinite imagination," she explains. "We would create things out of the bits and pieces we had around the house and in the garden and that was a wonderful experience for me. It made me interested in all sorts of stuff, from sewing and knitting, which she taught me at an early age, to painting, which she loved." Thankfully she has turned her passion for creating into a full time job, although she admits, "I tend to think of a job as something I have to do even if I don’t want to. So although this is a job in the sense of earning a living I do often feel like I’m truly blessed because every day is a new adventure full of new things I haven’t done yet." She advises her fellow artists "do what you love, what makes your heart sing. And take good photos along the way." Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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