Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meet Etsy Artist: artsygemini

Sandy Sappington-Broschat lives in northern California with her husband of 23 years. "I have 4 grown beautiful kids, three live close by and one is overseas in the Army." She has been "trading art cards all over the world for about 3 years." Although she enjoys all mediums, her favorites are drawing, collage, and altered art. "I enjoy looking at and collecting other peoples art work," she admits. "I am one of those people who sees art all around, whether it is how someone decorates their house or on a canvas." In fact, her surroundings are often her inspiration. "I have an art room and the walls and ceiling are covered in art work of others, my kids as they grew up, my hubby who is a hobby photographer and art I have done over the years." She tends not to plan her work ahead of time. "I just let my imagination go wild and work on an item 'til it is finished. If I am not happy with a piece I set it aside and leave it alone and often when I come back to it I either like it or I have new inspiration to finish it. I love vintage and distressed looking things when I collage or do altered art. Most of my items have a real warm patina and look to them. When I draw or paint I tend to use bold colors and strong lines. I love using either charcoal or my prisma color pens and pencils." To Sandy, creating has always been "therapy and comfort." One of her biggest joys is hearing from people who enjoy her art. Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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