Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: HippieHempstress

The talent behind HippieHempstress is originally from an art community in Tennessee - "one could even call them hippies," she admits. Her environment - and necessity - inspired her to become a crafter. "If there's something I want really bad, I always try to make it before I'll buy it." As her Etsy name would suggest, she is inspired by nature and spirituality. "If I'm feeling cheerful on a sunny day, I might paint a polka dotted flower pot. If I'm angry, sad, or depressed, I draw or paint on canvases. If I'm feeling particularly spiritual, I like to work with the elements (like clay or sea shells)." What ever her medium, she is sure to create something quirky yet practical - and always urbanely classy. Her mother taught her to crochet at five and by the fourth grade she was selling knitted headbands. "I've been at it a while," she jokes. Aside from Etsy she works full time, but hopes to turn her passion and lifestyle into a career someday by opening her own brick and mortar shop. She recently reshot all of her pictures and is amazed at the difference it has made in her exposure. "Within 3 hours of posting my new shots, I received more than twice as many views than I normally make in a WEEK. " She recommends her fellow Etsians "put as much into the photos as you do the piece itself." Please check out her shops: and
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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