Monday, January 21, 2008

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: StixsandStones

The incredible talent behind StixsandStones is a mere 28 years old. She's a New York City native, but while on vacation to Nantucket Island, Maine she met the man who would become her husband and moved there five years ago. "Nantucket is a very creative place where most people are entrepreneurs," she explains. "I guess I caught the bug and became really interested in making jewelry just after my mom bought me some beads." She was soon working and consigning at a local jewelry store (Victoria Greenhood Jewelry Design). "I have a few clients who come every year to buy a new Stixs and Stones piece and that makes me feel so great." She finds inspiration in warm, bright colors and textures. "I love to mix materials; metal, gemstones, natural elements, the more, the merrier!" She has been designing her earthy natural jewelry for four years. "This is a job that feels like a hobby and I hope it always stays that way." She also substitute teaches at the local High School. She takes Etsy one sale at a time and enjoys the community. She advises fellow Etsians to keep doing what they love. "Stay true to your style and don't get discouraged, the sales will come!" Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs


AprilDawn said...

That is so pretty!

PS-- that was an excellent attempt at humour, I laughed out loud at work when I read your reply ;)


Dharma Designs said...

THANKS April! :-)

Cheryl Anne said...

Beautiful jewelry and great photograpthy!