Monday, January 14, 2008

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: PrettyInPeace

The classic talent behind PrettyInPeace is a 34 year old native New Yorker, who home schools her children while managing her Indie electronic label Next Dimensions ( She's a self described "Yogi, Hippie, Liberal, Pacifist, Martha Stewart, Friedrich Nietzsche, Dr. Spock, and Lisa Simpson all rolled into one 5'3 curvaceous bod." An introvert like myself, she tends to "see the things that others miss while mingling." Her "Hippie Couture" jewelry designs are what she herself would wear. "I'm totally green, and anti murderous bling, but I'm stylin' and I'm all about it at the same time. I just want people to know that eco-conscious isn't always rubber bracelets and hemp cord." She has been creating her entire life. "Before I started on tangible craft, it was imaginary friends," she jokes. "I worked in fashion for 7 years in NYC's Greenwich Village before moving to AZ, and now-I write (my first and deepest love) and make jewelry." Her design process is "an outlet and a way to keep a balanced mind. When I'm done writing about life's harsh realities, I like to escape to a pretty peaceful place with beads and pliers and epoxy and such." As for Etsy her goals were small in the beginning. "I came into this wanting to feed the right hemisphere of my brain, no more, no less. As it turns out, I've been able to feed my grey matter and myself." She reminds her fellow artists to "focus on *your* work, and stay on *your* path-this is *your* life, goal, dream and no one else's...Anything that isn't contributing to your success is taking away from it." Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis

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Regal Beads said...

*in aww of a homeschooling mom also running a business* awesome!!!!!

Barbra said...

Nice article and pretty jewelry.

Laura's Left Hook said...

Thanks for sharing more about the artist.

Allison said...

Love this artist profile - great job :]