Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: CastoCreations

The hip talent behind CastoCreations may be turning 30 this year, but she still feels like 18. "I have a hubby who gets as excited as I do when I get a sale - and three dogs who could care less about my work. They just want attention," she jokes. "We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where it rains enough to keep me inside and creating."
While she enjoys working full time for a large global financial company, her art is her true passion. As a child her grandparents created jewelry and she remembers being amazed at their work. Following in their footsteps, she began beading bracelets and necklaces for family members at age 12. During high school and college she switched to making greeting cards with rubber stamps, but soon realized it was as costly as it was fun. That's when she re-discovered jewelry - and sold most of her rubber stamps. She's been creating her classic jewelry ever since. Her clean and simple style reflects a timeless sensibility, showcasing a myriad of lines and shapes.
She recommends patience and good photos to her fellow Etsians. "Selling on Etsy is fabulous, fun, and frustrating...Some sell almost immediately upon opening up their shop. Others take several months to get going. And if you sell jewelry you're in for some competition. But do NOT under price yourself," she warns. "Handmade should not be equated with cheap. Pay yourself even if it is just a hobby. You'll be taken more seriously and your work will be perceived as more valuable." Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs


sherry said...

Nice interview, and great work, casto.

Laura B said...

hi dharma designs, thanks for your comment on my blog! just checked out your other blog etsy shopping, very cool idea :)