Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: EasternSunPrintworks

"After a relatively calm life growing up in NJ, graduating from college, and teaching French in junior high school, I moved to Maine and went to graduate school," Nancy says. With an M.A. in French Lit, she set off on a 2 ½ year backpacking trip around the world. "I spent lots of time in the Orient as the quintessential Buddhist tourist, visiting temples and studying meditation. I kept written and painted journals throughout the trip. When I returned, I went to a month-long meditation program at a Buddhist center in Colorado where I met my husband, Tom." They later moved to Florida with their daughter where she started a card and stationary company 25 years ago. "I have a lovely studio in our backyard, surrounded by chirping birds, live oaks, and luscious bromeliads, very near the Fountain of Youth Park, in St. Augustine," she gushes. "I am a very happy, art-making maniac." Her imagination is endless, providing endless inspiration, but she also gleans ideas from "the infinite qualities of color, natural landscapes of many regions, and my love for Tibet." She explains, "The iconography of the Buddhist countries in the Himalayas is rich in imagery and is incredibly inspiring. I find it unbelievably satisfying to make something that I know is going to bring happiness to another being, maybe my neighbor or maybe someone who lives halfway around the world." All of the plates for her silkscreen designs are from hand drawn positives that are printed on 100% recycled papers. "I also use photography to enhance my 'seeing.'" She is also an accomplished illustrator and collage artist. "I’ve gotten a real kick out of being part of Etsy. It’s a supportive forum for artists and has lots of useful tools and guides. There is an inspiring mix of sheer talent, quirkiness, technology, ingenuity, and business savvy." Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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