Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist: IndieCoJewelryDesign

I was lucky enough to find the next jewelry designer in the Etsy forums.
The hip, young New York artist behind IndieCoJewelryDesign is a Pisces, who describes her studio as "a bombsite; I can’t get from one side of the room to the other because of jewelry, let alone make it to the computer to do promotions." Lucy keeps herself busy, improving upon her skills, and is "currently on the last leg of the GIA’s Graduate Gemologist degree." She is also taking metal smithing and jewelry rendering classes. "Hopefully every time you come back to my store, you will see my art developing and changing as I learn new techniques to help you ladies out there feel beautiful," she says. Her inspiration often comes from her travels. She is "a true Brit," transplanted in New York, where she moved to 9 months ago from the Philippines. "I have travelled throughout Asia, and as you will see, a lot of my designs incorporate inspiration taken from there, if not the materials themselves (many of my precious stones were personally picked up from Hong Kong, Manila, or Bangkok)." Her classy yet eclectic style showcases vibrant colors and quality gems that are sure to be attention grabbers. "I like to see jewelry, I don't want it to disappear into the background of an outfit," she explains. "Stay true to your art," she recommends, "otherwise why do it - its not for the money most of the time." Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis

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I love your blog... and thank you for sharing you finds!
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