Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet Etsy Felter: dolittledesign

OK - I admit it - I have a thing for fortune cookies lately, but when you see this next find, you'll understand why...

The felter and toy maker behind dolittledesign is a graphic designer and busy mother of two, ages 5 and 2. "I started making playthings for my kids when I couldn't find what I like," she explains of her creative toys. She has an affinity for food, wine, and traveling - and not surprisingly they are often sources of inspiration as with her whimsical fortune cookie and egg roll pieces. She spends a lot of time playing with her kids, so story books have also been known to influence her work. "I am glad to have found Etsy as my creative outlet," she admits. "Through Etsy, I found so many talented artists from all over the world." The flexibility fits perfectly with motherhood, too. "I can work on my projects a little at a time," she says. And the best part? "Receiving feedback from people who say they enjoy my creations is the best reward!" Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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