Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet Etsy Jewelry Artist & Painter: BellissimaDesigns

Sherri is the second daughter in a family of five girls, who grew up in Alberta, Canada. "I would never have said that I was crafty growing up, but looking bAdd Imageack we made our own barbie clothes, beds, houses, etc.," she says. "In later years I drew a bit, but mostly I was consumed by reading and spending time with friends." Now married to someone she describes as "the most wonderful man" and the mother of two, she manages to find time for her art. "My daughter would want me to also mention the other members of our family - our dog and our three fish," she adds. With a need to try it all, she jokes she may be 'craft ADD.' "I have never been formally diagnosed ,but I know my husband would gladly write the letter stating that I am," she explains. Much of her inspiration comes from nature and her love of gardening. "I am also very obsessed by oriental art and sculpture, especially Buddha images," she confesses. I completely understand. :-) "If I am ever in need of inspiration I just go onto Etsy and I am blown away by everything that these amazing people create...Have you seen the soap that looks like cake? So amazing," she gushes. While she dabbles in many mediums, her true passions are painting and drawing. "My daughters room is covered, on every wall and ceiling. She is in love with Tinker Bell so I made it her little magical wonderland. However since that time we had to move her into another room to make room for her brother so he is also currently enjoying a little fairy magic." Not always an artist, she can't imagine how she ever survived without crafts. "They seem to be consuming so much of my thoughts I don't go a day without thinking about, planning for, buying for (my husband swears it is every day), or creating something crafty," she says. "Get on the (Etsy) forums and learn all you can - there is a wealth of information that Etsians are willing to share," she suggests. Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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