Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet Etsy Artists: RavenstoneTiles

RavenstoneTiles is a collaborative effort between artist Laura Reutter and web designer/glaze maker Tim Taylor. They've been working professionally as a tile team since 1999, using their personal website as their major source of income. They have also sold on Ebay, are are just now dabbling with Etsy. I was lucky enough to stumble across this gorgeous bamboo set recently. Many of their pieces reflect a zen like tranquility, but they are also inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and the Art Nouveau period. "Nature, trees, and landscapes are also sources of ideas," they explain. Laura has had a lifelong love affair with clay (35+ years), but only began making tiles 10 years ago. "This is a job, or was, until the recent economic crisis hit," she manages to joke. "Sales are really slow right now and we're looking for other work to tide us over," she admits. They are excited about the opportunities on Etsy and are enjoying the community it offers. Please check out their shop: http://ravenstonetiles.etsy.com/

-Wendy Baylis

Dharma Designs

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CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Beautiful tiles. I have seen their work in person too and it is just full of detail. Very nice!