Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist" Sulaluna

UK artist Sue Wright stumbled upon Etsy after her son encouraged her to join. "He has a friend with an Etsy shop, and the more I looked ... I don't think I'll ever go normal shopping again," she excitedly explains. "I'm busy passing on the word." As an artist, it's important to her to support her fellow artisans and crafters. A lifelong artist, she has dabbled in many mediums, including jewelry making, although painting is her passion. "I love to mix media, employ different materials and techniques - and have a fascination with colours, shapes, textures, paint and fabrics that make me feel alive." She especially loves to paint on linen because it has a "special sexy feel to it." Her pieces often reflect her mood and life experiences. As she puts it, "What would the world be without color?" New to Etsy, she decided to start off simple with a few small paintings. Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis

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