Friday, February 6, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: adallasgallery

The talent behind Etsy shop adallasgallery is a fellow Libran (born October 2) - and has also recently moved out of my neck of the woods - the Pacific Northwest - after living here for 26 years. He jokes that he doesn't like to talk about himself because "(his) past hasn't been particularly fascinating." He's been a lifelong artist, but after his daughter started college at the University of Washington, he has focused more on his art. Not long after he did his first show and his new career has taken off. "Since then I've done commission pieces and have sold over half the work I've produced so far," he explains. Believe it or not his works are all done using colored pencils, but have the look of watercolors. Each piece depicts his love of world cultures. Please check out his shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs


My Mother's Garden said...

Beautiful work by adallasgallery!

Just stopping by to say, I really like the artists that you highlight here on your blog. They all create much beauty for the world!

Dharma Designs said...

Thanks! :-)