Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: hilariagalleries

The artist behind hilariagalleries says that she is a "fun, accessible gal in love with vintage fashion, nature-inspired abstracts, the color red, and my sweet little family." She also admits that she loves "saving money - and getting a good deal is of utmost importance when I'm on the shopping path." She has had a "myriad" of occupations in her short life, but enjoys her current one most--"artist, mom, wife." She finds inspiration all around her - "but that's such a cheesy answer,"she admits. "I truly find an abundant variance of items throughout each day that light a fire--a commercial on TV, books from the library, a little birdie on the dogwood outside my front door. Whenever I see something I'd like to replicate or use in a piece, I take a mental note (and sometimes a written one too, if my brain's too full at the moment)." Her ever changing eclectic style reflects images of someone "who might paint an abstract in the morning and then a custom pin-up that same night." She explains that, "Though it may work for others, I don't believe it's necessary to pigeon-hole yourself into a single genre. If I do, the muse gets bored and my work becomes stale. My palette rotates and subject matters range from the most literal to the least figural. It's all in the mood of the day." Although she has been painting since the age of 7, she doesn't believe she has become an artist until the last 4 years. "My hand became more confident and my mind expanded beyond it's perimeter just enough to capture a bit of raw beauty on a canvas," she says. "When I worked in a cubicle for a while, I felt like a little piece of my soul died each morning." Please check out her shop:
-Wendy Baylis
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