Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: Corbaecreative

By day Aimee Tuck is a freelance graphic designer working for companies that focus on renewable energy and senior housing. "I’m a gigantic geek at night," she admits, "speaking with earnest about the last Battlestar Galactica episode, but have no idea who played in the last Superbowl." She lives and works out of an old 1917 fixer-upper that she seems to be working on constantly. A large part of her inspiration comes from her "incredibly artistic, talented, and funny husband" as well as the beautiful Pacific Northwest. "Although I primarily work with paper, I’m not limited by it," she says of her craft, "often using beads, yarn, string, metal, and other objects in my creations." She enjoys making things, but the Capricorn in her mandates they be useful. "I love the idea of someone using what I created to communicate – sending a card, writing in their journal, etc." After a 2002 trip to Japan she also began making keepsake boxes. "Even their most mundane store wrappings around a book are just beautiful. I wanted to combine that pleasure of receiving and opening something beautiful with an item that doesn’t get thrown in the trash – that can be reused." A lifelong creative soul, she jokes, "I have vivid memories of learning to sew absolutely horrid doll clothes, of painting a clay dinosaur bright red for a grade school diorama, and an eighth-grade science fair in which I was much more interested in making the display than in the actual experiment." Etsy has been a great opportunity for her to connect with other artists - and customers aside from friends and family. "I love being a part of a world-wide community of so many artisans and crafters, and bore people to tears telling them of the amazing things I’ve found on the Etsy site." Please check out her shop: and website:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs


knmckee said...

I absolutely love Corbea Creative's work! So much so that I have a closet shelf full of the boxes she has made. She also made my wedding invitations and the thank you cards for my baby shower. Both beautifully unique and personal. Thank you Corbea Creative and keep on creating from your heart!


Dharma Designs said...

Her work is so beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

She made our wedding invitations and thank you cards too. So creative!

Shel Graves said...

Thank you for the write up on Corbae Creative. Aimee's gift boxes are treasures and I've framed some of her invites and cards, which captured the beauty and meaning of events I wanted to remember. Etsy artists put so much care into their work! And support each other's craft :-)

Dharma Designs said...

My pleasure. :-) Her work is gorgeous. :-)