Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet Etsy Artist: CanesGalactica

Christine is a 24 year old illustrator, artist, and lover of cosplay. Originally from the Midwest, she moved to Virginia Beach with her 2 cats and 9 tarantulas to be with her husband, who is in the US Navy. She graduated UCM with a degree in illustration, but admits she's more into watercolors and fiber art lately. "Books are very inspirational to me - as are fashion, cosplay (people dressing up as their favorite characters from television, movies, etc.), and sushi," she says. "I LOVE sushi." A lot of her work is also reminiscent of her passion for history, mythology, and whimsical fairy tales. "Nearly anything and everything can inspire me," she explains, "even found objects on the side of the road." She describes her style as "chaotic neutral," a Dungeons and Dragons reference. "That essentially means that most of the time I do art and crafts that make me happy, but I do not enjoy the suffering of others, so if my art or hobbies could help someone in some way, I would help, but I don't specifically go out of my way to make anything and everyone happy," she explains. Strongly bonded to her art, she feels that it is a "projection of a tiny piece of my soul." Etsy has been a great way for her to connect with other artists and "goof off." She recommends everyone "hav(e) fun with your business, not treating it like some giant burden where you have to churn out 'x amount' of a certain product by 'x date.' It's good to set deadlines, but you don't want them to feel like they are overtaking your life or causing you to not enjoy your creative side." Please check her out on Etsy: and Deviant Art:

-Wendy Baylis

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