Friday, December 19, 2008

Meet Etsy Artist: Starbourne

Starbourne describes herself as "a retired Grandma (Bubbe to those that love me) living bliss in sunny south FL, visiting my children and grandchildren all over the country, and creating through my crafting passions (which, thankfully, I can take with me when and wherever I travel)." After many years in executive management, she made a life change in her "senior wisdom years" and became a licensed esthetician. "This gave me great joy, not only in working in the healing field (which I had done many years doing aura photography), but working with other healers. It gave me the opportunity to use so many healing modalities; color energy, infra red energy, Reiki, aroma therapy, and so much more." Although she is now following her artistic passions, she still keeps in touch with the holistic community. Her fist love is cross-stitch, although she is also interested in (and may I say an expert at) 3 dimensional art, which she learned from her daughter who is a Graphic Designer and fellow Etsian as well (you may see her work at She also works on what she calls "'Mindful Bracelets' - A Tool for Change." She admits that she is "always in learning mode, so am open to learning anything new that piques my interest." Her inspiration comes from "all things beautiful, mystical, magical and spiritual." Etsy has been an excellent gateway for her to connect with people and she looks forward to networking with like-minded artists. Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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