Monday, December 15, 2008

Living the Good Life On A Budget: Trader Joe's

I've always loved Trader Joe's, but as prices rise even at bargain places like Winco, I'm appreciating TJ's even more. All of their products are organic, healthy, fair trade - and delicious. They have a new product called a "Take Home Thali For Two," which is basically an Indian dinner for $3.99! It includes rice, yellow lentils, and a potato & pea curry. Pair it with their classic or masala style naan (flat bread) and tomato chutney and you'd swear it came from a restaurant. I never have high hopes from Indian food in a box, but I was totally impressed! It cooked up so well in the microwave it seemed like it came off the stove top. Their multi grain vegetable lasagna is absolutely fabulous, as are their fish tacos with cilantro sauce (both found in the freezer section). Their breaded eggplant cutlets are perfect for making your own Eggplant Parmesan (just bake the cutlets as directed, add cheese and marinara sauce - I love Paul Newman's, but I'm willing to bet TJ's makes a good one, too). Their artisan cheeses are top notch and nearly half what you'd pay elsewhere. My three favorites are their blue cheese, brie, and cambrazola - which is like brie and blue cheese in one. They also happen to make the best tortillas and salsa verde. This salsa is so good it's hard to believe it's fat free, low calorie, and good for you. I use it for salad dressing, too - and it would be great with eggs (juevos rancheros). They also carry a huge selection of reasonably priced beer and wine, so you can really make dinner in feel like dinner out. If you haven't checked out Trader Joe's yet, put it on your To Do list. I guarantee you'll love it...
-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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guavapineapple said...

i love trader joes, too! i bought the take out thali yesterday, but i havent tried it as yet.