Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Etsy Artist: RayofCreation

Tandi is part of the nonprofit art collective known as RayofCreation. This talented group of artists from New Mexico make a wide range of crafts in hopes of spreading peace and love. "I've always been involved in arts and crafts, starting at home with a 'crafty' Mom and an 'always-building-something' Dad," Tandi admits, "then in college I found myself drawn to design and majored in architecture." Like many of us, she wasn't particularly interested in the "9-5 business life." Instead, she travelled around the world, visiting India, Thailand, Nepal, and Europe. She found herself drawn to spirituality. "I found that meditation and a Buddhist perspective seemed to fit me the best, and spent some time practicing Vipassana." Originally from the Northwest, after years of travelling she eventually found herself in the Southwest. "I came here for the sunshine and found a really great community quite unexpectedly." She finds inspiration in "textures and colors, how the material feels in my hand, it's qualities in light. With papers, I love to spend time just laying different pieces next to each other to see how they interact and blend. With gemstones, there is the vibe of each stone, plus how the light passes through...Each piece I work on is really about creating a feel that will give the intended impression...often I find myself going for qualities like being harmonious, beautiful, calming, balanced, and subtle." All of these aspects are beautifully showcased in her earthy, natural style - from her cards to her jewelry. "For me crafting is a way to take a break from everything, enjoy the moment, and just practice seeing and creating without any pressure. It's a pleasure." Please check out her shop:

-Wendy Baylis
Dharma Designs

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